PACs are looking for speakers!

Photography AssociationThe Photographers Adventure Clubs (PACs) are putting out a call for speakers for our monthly speakers series.

A PAC is a place where you can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share your passion. It’s also how we can tell you what’s happening in our world and discover what’s happening in yours. PACs are a great way to connect with other photographers and add a few weapons to your creative arsenal. There are over 35 PAC Chapters worldwide. Rain or shine, it’s always a great idea to come to your PAC’s monthly meetings. This way, you have a great collection of photos in every season!

We are looking for presenters that can speak about various photography related topics. Examples: Business topics, software, lighting, fusion, camera usage, portraits, photojournalism, sports, nature/landscape, commercial, boudoir, sports and weddings.

All types of photographers are welcome to present.

If you are interested in speaking, please send a short bio and course description and let us know why you would be great for our groups.  We really want people with something interesting to say so let us know why this is you.  These presentations are not sales-oriented so while you are more then welcome to mention products and workshops at the end, the bulk of the presentation should be on the chosen topic.  

This is a great opportunity for anyone to get in front of a large, active group of photographers.

To submit your presentation or if you have questions, please email Sarah! 

 Once we receive your email, we will send out a manual that explains all of the details for speaking at PACs.

All submissions will be kept on file and we’ll contact you if we choose your presentation.  

PAC cannot thank you enough for your participation in becoming a speaker. It is the people like you that give PACs such a great reputation!


A Guest Speaker Stops by in San Fran!

There was a great turnout at the San Francisco PAC, with about 80 people attended the San Francisco PAC, with about a dozen newcomers.

The guest speaker, a self-taught photographer, Michael Soo, built his business after leaving an engineering management position 5 years ago. Soo uses is a Canon shooter that mainly uses prime lenses, only using zooms when needed.

His work includes landscape, fashion, food, commercial and weddings. He talked mainly about lighting, showing slides that demonstrated different lighting techniques.

Corporate headshots are often a one picture deal. Soo suggested up selling clients a collage of 3 photos that demonstrates variety in their personality.

One challenge Soo faced was  creating romantic pictures at a reception, inside a not so romantic  Chinese restaurant. Turning down the house lights and shooting into his own lighting helped disguise the surroundings. He also went up on the roof to shoot a moment through the skylight.

Soo’s keys to perfect lighting:

·         See the Light

·         Understand the Light

·         Utilize the Light

·         Modify the Light

·         Create Light

All in all, great information, from a confident Michael Soo!

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Florida PAC Gains Clarity and Sharpens Their Business Skills!

Jacksonville PAC welcomed the return of Jeff Jochum to our meeting at the Mandarin Library this month. Jeff, who recently founded a company called Startup Strategy, first visited Jax PAC shortly after we launched in 2010.

He left such a great impression after his first visit that it was no surprise that the announcement of his return brought in a huge crowd.

After mingling with our peers for about 30 minutes our leader, Dawn McCarthy, opened the meeting and made a few brief announcements. Jeff then shared some goal-based strategies and concepts that are geared toward helping photographers gain clarity and sharpen the vision for their businesses. Jeff says that “clarity is the new black” and he believes that it is one of the key factors of bringing a business to a greater level of success.

One of the great benefits of being involved in a PAC group is that you get the opportunity to attend the meetings and learn from industry professionals for FREE! Yet we also learn of other workshops taking place in our area and often receive a discount to attend these meetings simply by being associated with a PAC group.

If you are looking for a local chapter of PAC Check this page:

Submitted by PAC Scribe – Judi Back
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Up with Down Syndrome Awareness

Did you know that one in every 691 babies in the US is born with Down syndrome?  

Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring genetic condition and is caused by an extra chromosome.   March 21st of each year is World Down Syndrome day because the extra or partial chromosome occurs in the 21st pair (of our standard 23 pairs).   This year; PAC was honored to be invited along for an evening picnic in the park with the Down Syndrome Network and Arizona families who are affected by Down Syndrome.

The weather in the Valley of the Sun this spring has been fantastic, and Tempe has been no exception!   Everyone got together to celebrate at Kiwanis park, a local greenbelt area with lakes, playgrounds, and rolling grassy hills.  There was great music, tasty food, volleyball, playground activities, a bounce house, and even a petting zoo.   As everyone knows, its not a party until two chickens are riding an alpaca!

PAC volunteers really had a blast capturing all the fun and the smiles – not to mention some impressive moves on the makeshift dance floor.  Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by so many friendly, cheerful people in my life.  As one volunteer put it;  “[This is] my idea of happy hour!”

Surprisingly, Down syndrome is the least funded major genetic condition.   While there are a few organizations such as Down Syndrome Network of Arizona striving to improve awareness and accessibility to care for families affected by Down syndrome, much more can be done.   To learn more about Down syndrome and how you can get involved, please visit the Down Syndrome Network at

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Thank you PAC Volunteers!


This week is National Volunteer Week.  Please join us in thanking the many wonderful volunteers who help run meetings, photowalks, workshops and other PAC events, as well as help with this website, the monthly newsletter, image contests, securing amazing speakers for meetings, and lots of other administrative tasks.

Let’s also not forget all of those who volunteer with PAC Gives Back charitable initiatives, such as our annual Help-Portrait events, Down Syndrome Network and other local and national community charities.   Knowledgeable, friendly, hard working, enthusiastic and creative – each inspires others  to get involved and get the most out of their photography experience.  They truly do keep the gears turning.  Without our volunteers, PAC wouldn’t have so many great events to choose from!!

Cusi Taylor