The eagerly awaited,  brand-spankin’-new, successor to the phenomenal MFT workhorse GH4; the Lumix GH5 was officially announced today at CES in Las Vegas!
If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a Micro Four Thirds camera; whether for size, weight, or performance…  Here’s one - well more like a dozen - more reasons to go for it.  Just take a look at these specs!

 The GH5 is jam packed with the following:

  • An improvement on the 16MP sensor of the GH4, its high-performance 20.3MP MOS sensor has no low-pass filter, meaning no pre-clipping of your pixel information in camera, giving you sharper shots with much better color depth and higher ISO performance.
  • The new Venus engine 10 enables the GH5 to deliver super crisp detail at lightning speed to the TWO UHS-2 SD memory cards it sports. No wimpy 15 or 30min video limits here either; recording lengths are limited only by your card or remote drive capacity.
  • The new 225-point autofocus system with Advanced DFD technology was designed specifically for motion tracking. Five-axis Dual Image stabilization lets you handhold to insanely slow shutter speeds and get razor sharp results - even from motion stills,
    These features alone set this camera apart from all would-be competitors; but couple them with 6K video at 30fps, 4K at 60fps and up to 180fps in full HD - you’re fully equipped to handle any shooting situation with surgical precision!
  • Finally, and further gilding the lily here; the GH5 includes a full-size HDMI Type A port, USB Type C port, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, 360 degree articulating screen, and is fully weather sealed.

Recently, Sean Robinson sat down with Doug Guerra at B&H Photo to talk about the new features and go into even more techie details - and also lays out the roadmap of firmware updates to come.

You can pre-order your very own GH5 here at B&H Photo right now.  And, while you’re prepping to add this baby to your arsenal - check out the new 35-100 f2.8 version II lens. (This is the 70-200 full-frame equivalent focal length, a must-have lens for any MFT bag.) 

Both the GH5 and the 35-100 f2.8II will begin shipping in March.  For even more on all the goodies Lumix has to offer - check out:

Cusi Taylor is a photographer, educator and studio owner in Phoenix, Arizona. As Vice President of Photographer's Adventure Club, she enjoys bringing people together to Connect, Explore, Create and Improve in all areas of their photography. Cusi is also proud to be a member of the Lumix Luminary Team and shoots the G-series of Micro Four Thirds cameras, primarily the Lumix GX8.  Follow Cusi here on Facebook.