Capturing Amazing Fireworks Images – Made Simple


Cottonwood Arizona 2013

Capturing fireworks images that will make your friends at home and on social media go "WOW" is easier than you think. This year you can come home with great images even without a professional camera. You can even do so with a SmartPhone! 

In this video professional photographer Larry Pollock shows you how to make your vision into reality with a simple setup and a set of camera settings that will get you started. 

You will need a tripod, a camera capable of manual settings (hint: some smartphone photography applications have manual settings mode) and a good location.

Topics covered are: 

  • Gear Needed
  • Location and Composition
  • Camera Settings
  • Zooming for Fun
  • Making adjustments as you shoot


Unlimited Battery For Your Camera with the Tether Tools Case Relay

case_relay Hello, my name is Nicholas Pappagallo. I am Lumix Luminary, and today I am going to be talking about the Tether Tools Case Relay. This little product here is a great product for people that are shooting video like we are today, or that are shooting time-lapse. And there's many other applications as well. This is gonna give you uninterrupted power. (more…)

Impressions of the Impact Light Kit Roller Bag

Impact LKB-R2 Light Kit Roller Bag #2Stepping into Studio One I watch as a fellow photographer packs his studio gear into two large rolling cases. The size easily allows for overloading them and making them very heavy. Granted, he has plenty of room from lights, stands and more. But my back ached just thinking about hoisting them up into the car or trying to travel with them.

Casually I asked what these cost him. $400+ each! I’m sure they have been worth it keeping his gear protected and organized. My backache brings me back to reality: Cost and Size.

A few days later I am handed an Impact LKB-R1 Light Kit Roller Bag #1 from B&H Photo for my review. My first thought was “OK, just another bag”.  I took it home and decided to pack it with my studio lights and related gear. I quickly found myself wanting 2 to 4 of these roller bags. (more…)

Working with the Westcott Zeppelin 47″ Parabolic Softbox

So, hello. I'm Scott Hartwick, Phoenix based photographer and we're here at Parkwood Studios here today to demonstrate the Westcott Zeppelin 47 inch parabolic modifier. And joining me today is Lindsey. Say hi, Lindsey.

And so, we're gonna do several things today. This has four different ways you can set the modifier, but we're gonna show you and shoot with Lindsey all four ways to give you an (more…)