Mirrorless Cameras to shoot wildlife photography

Benefits of shooting mirrorless for wildlife. The crew talks about Suzette Allens talk for the local PAC chapter. We talk about the Lumix 100-400mm Leica lens which will give you an effective 800mm range. This lens is about the size of the Canon 70-200. Mirrorless cameras are now featuring new "bells & whistles" that your DSLR may not have. Nick has tested the 4k photo (now 6k photo) feature in the Lumix line of cameras. The cameras have apps you can shoot from remotely. You can grab a 8mp still with 4k and 18mp with the 6k photo feature.

Constant Preview is a newer Mirrorless feature, that shows you the exposure before you shoot the shot, along with focus peaking on manual focus.

Many of the cameras have touch screen and touch focus, to help you get great shots of birds and other subjects. Focus following helps with moving subjects.

Focus racking will let you change focus while you are shooting video.
Silent mode helps you not attract attention of animals or scare them away.

We enjoyed Suzette Allen and her talk on hybrid photography.  Find more about the tips at http://www.SuzetteSays.com

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Gear Spotlight: Tether Tools Rock Solid Low Boy Roller

Hello, my name is Nicholas Pappagallo. I am a Tether Tools Pro Team member, and I am going to talk to you today about the Rock Solid Low Boy Roller, which I have right here. This is a new product from Tether Tools, and I'm going to go over a couple of the best parts about this. I have similar rollers to this in my repertoire, and this one has a couple of benefits over the other rollers.

So the first thing I want to talk about is that it has little roller blade wheels. A lot of stands don't actually have these kind of wheels on there. These wheels are non-marring, I think they're three inch wheels and they're similar to the roller blade style, and they're locking casters. Another thing that I definitely did notice when I got this is, my other stands that do pop out like this, these are much longer legs that they now put on here. So much longer legs, definitely a benefit to help you not flip your stands over. You're still going to want to sandbag this down, but it's definitely rock solid, as in its name.

What they did with this particular stand is they actually lowered this down, but they give you the ability to go pretty high for a light as well as a tether table, or other accessory. So I'm about 6'1", and it's pretty much right there, and you can lock 'em in. Another cool thing that I loved about this stand is that they have springs in here. So if you drop your light by mistake you're not going to want to do that on a constant basis, but if you happen to drop something it has some impact resistance there.

So it's super cool, look at these knobs. You know, this is definitely a solid, solid product. Everything on here is metal, there's nothing to break on it. It's just metal all the way through. Great, great span.

So let me go over some of the stuff here, and show you a few pictures on the screen here. This first one we have shows you as a actual tether table. So pretty cool little stand there, again it can go nice and low for a tether table. We're going to move over, this is the stand by itself, and this is the stand both extended and lower. And then back to that.

So a couple different things, this does have a lifetime warranty. You have locking wheels. Everything is heavy duty chrome on it, and again, this will hold a light and will hold a tether table or other accessory. The price right now is $199, you can buy this on B&H or at the Tether Tools website. Tether Tools website is http://www.TetherTools.com CODE: PAC You can use our PAC discount. Now the pac discount won't give you a discount off every product that Tether Tools makes. The packet discount will give you a discount off of products that it is available for. About 90% of the products will have discounts. You can go onto their website, type PAC, and it'll save you some money off of there.

So I'm going to show you a couple other closeups that they have here on the screen. Look at the wheels there, some do the details on the wheels, and how this is built. All steel construction, chrome handles, steel. Everything is just, again, rock solid as in the name. You can't get a better name for this product.

So check this out on B&H, other retailers, or at your Tether Tools dealer, and if you have any questions, comments, anything like that just put them down below. We'll be glad to answer your questions and see how you like this product. If you've used this product let us know, and let us know what improvements can be made, or what we can do better for version two, and we'll see you at the next video. So be sure to subscribe, I think it says PAC instead of subscribe, no idea why. But you can subscribe up there, and like the video, and we'll see you at the next video.

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First Impressions: Genaray Spectro LED

Hello, my name is Nicholas Pappagallo, I am a Lumix Luminary, and I am talking today about the Genaray Spectro LED. So we just got this in, literally, we just did a review and this one popped in, so we decided to jump in and review this one as well for you guys. This light, the Spectro, is actually pinned as a studio LED, so there's no battery pack on here, it's optional, but it's not something that you have built into the back. So this one is a daylight light, so when I turn this on here, you'll be able to see it's a daylight light, I'm not going to face it towards the camera because I don't want to blow everything out, but we'll show the controls close up.  (more…)

First Impressions: Genaray Crux 10″ LED

My name is Nicholas Pappagallo I'm a Lumix Luminary and I'm here today at Parkwood Studios to talk to you about the Genaray Crux CR-10 B. Once again it's a Genaray Crux CR-10 B LED and this light beyond being small and portable is battery-operated. So I'm going to take this off the stand here show you a little bit about what I like about this particular fixture here. (more…)

Capturing Amazing Fireworks Images – Made Simple


Capturing fireworks images that will make your friends at home and on social media go "WOW" is easier than you think. This year you can come home with great images even without a professional camera. You can even do so with a SmartPhone!

In this video professional photographer Larry Pollock shows you how to make your vision into reality with a simple setup and a set of camera settings that will get you started.

You will need a tripod, a camera capable of manual settings (hint: some smartphone photography applications have manual settings mode) and a good location. (more…)