Item Pickup & Print Order Instructions


If you received a notification that you are a winning bidder, then you have won a canvas print that was on display at the Maricopa County Landscape Show.

How to make your donation: You will be automatically prompted by our auction software to make payment for your won items. You can make your donation payment online, and receive a receipt when you pick up your print. Alternately, if you prefer to pay using cash or check, you may pay when you pick up your prints.

Picking up your print(s): To pick up your won items, bring proof of online payment (receipt), or cash/check to Parkwood Studio:

2202 E McDowell Road
Suite 1
Phoenix, AZ 852006
(McDowell and Hwy 51)

When to pick up:

  • Tuesday, July 19th - 11AM - 8PM
  • Friday, July 22nd - 11AM - 8PM
  • Saturday, July 23rd - 9AM - 3PM
If none of these dates will work for you, please call us at 406-646-6477 to schedule another time.

To have the image you won shipped CLICK HERE

Canvas Prints may be shipped. Estimated cost of shipping & handling: $15 - $40 in continental US


The top 10 non-winning bidders on each item can order a print for just a $50 donation. We'll email everyone with more details at the end of the auction.

Here's how to order:

  1. Make a donation payment of $50 (click link) for each print you'd like. (Example: If you want 2 prints, make a $100 donation). Enter the auction lot numbers in the "comments" section.
  2. Forward your donation receipt to along with the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Your mailing address (paper prints will be mailed)
    • The lot number you bid on and wiould like a copie(s) of
  3. If you want to have your prints framed, please contact Vivyx Printing

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