PAC Activities will help you to:

CONNECT -  Hang out and have fun with other photographers – from beginners to pros.

EXPLORE - Discover new horizons, find inspiration, go on an adventure!

CREATE  - Bring your unique style and vision to life, from the camera to the digital darkroom and beyond.

IMPROVE  - Continually improve your skills, whether you’ve just begun, or are a seasoned expert.


connect, explore

Group outings to everyday places that you’d love to visit even without a camera – sometimes even without other people for that matter!   Nature parks, urban architecture, ball games, cultural events – you name it and we probably photowalk it! Find Local Events NOW

Coffee Chats

connect, improve

Coffee chats are an opportunity to meet members in person, chat about current photo events, tips on a topic, brief image critiques, etc.

Adventure Workshops

explore, improve

Adventure Workshops get you out of the studio, and out into Nature.   Some are to kick back and capture images of wildlife and tranquil landscapes, while others are intensive, hands-on challenges meant to put your book learning to the test.


connect, improve

Member Meetings center around bringing you new insights, introducing you to pros who teach an array of specialties, providing step-by-step advice, and amazing levels of creative inspiration. Sign Up to get dates!

Networking / Happy Hour


Networking events and Happy Hour mixers are a great place to get to know members with similar interests.  Enjoy conversation, swap ideas, have a bite to eat, and make plans for your next big adventure!

Studio Workshops

explore, improve

Studio Workshops focus on lighting techniques and equipment, directing models, composing portraits, posing subjects and other studio skills.  Progress from simple setups to complex configurations and surprise yourself with the dynamic results!

Online Community


Our over 25,000 online members asking thought-provoking questions, offering helpful suggestions, and sharing amazing photos and ideas. Whether you’re brand new to a camera or a seasoned professional – there are great friends waiting for you here, 24 hours a day. 

Classes and Instruction


Want to learn more about Lightroom, Photoshop, or general photography?  We have small group classes and individual tutoring available too.

Model Shoots

create, improve

Model Shoots put you in creative control with all of the right lighting equipment and hands-on instruction at your disposal.