What Members are saying!

The Photographer's Adventure Club (PAC) is a group for all levels of photographers, here are a few testimonials. We hope that you and your photography friends will come join us in this photography community!

“ Everyone in this group rocks. They are all so friendly and willing to share everything they know on whatever topic it may be. I am really glad that I joined and I'm so excited about all of the things that I can learn from all of these talented photographers. ”


“ I am a very recent member but like the group. The group exceeds my expectations and certainly meets my current needs. Plenty of opportunities for social interaction, networking and photo shoots. ”


“ This photo group is highly knowledgeable - everyone I meet is very friendly and willing to share their knowledge of photography. We seem to learn from each other. I look forward to many more shoots with our group. ”


“ I'm so glad I've been able to renew my love for photography with such a fun, organized and knowledgeable group of people. Keep the meet-ups coming! ”


“ By far the best photography group in Arizona! The organizers work very hard to ensure the meetups are innovative and fun. Prior to joining this group, I didn't have anybody in my life to share my passion for photography with. Now I have traveled to some awesome locations, met great friends and learned a lot more about my profession. I couldn't have done this without the hard work of those contributing to this group.”

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