Winter Goose Vodka BottleIt's always a challenge to shoot a clear or nearly clear bottle on a light or white background. In this shot I wanted to use the Savage Universal Backgrounds for Holidays and winter scenes. Once the shot was all setup and ready to shoot it was easy to change to a second background and shoot again. 

Product photography, beyond the basic white booth shots, takes thought, time and experience to do. A good bit of creativity helps too. 

This is self project. Something I try to do at least once a month to build my skills, practice, and hopefully get some good images for my Portfolio. 

This is quick look behind the scenes of shooting a winter style scene. I wanted a white and neutral look and feel to image to get a cold wintery look. The small amount of color from the bottle label and cap should draw your eye to them. This bottle also features a see through panel with geese flying over a lake in the distance. Working with the lighting to try and get this shot in one image was a challenge. Balancing the processes called for some additional shots to composite the final image from. The label is very reflective, while the bottle itself is matt and does not easily show a bright highlight. 

This is something I will return to and play with more versions of this shot. But for now you can see round one of this effort.  BTS & larger images below:

Savage Ivory Glow Printed Background | Winter Frost Printed Background

Larry Pollock is a product and creative studio photographer. He teaches at Parkwood Studios in Phoenix. He still enjoys getting out and doing landscape photography. He has been published by National Geographic.  |

BTS Video:



Baby It's Cold Outside - Vodka Bottle

Grey Goose Vodka Winter - Winter Frost Printed Background


Winter Goose Vodka Bottle

Savage Ivory Glow Printed Background


BTS Studio Image:

Parkwood Studios BTS Vodka Shot